Some mistakes will haunt you to the end.

A tragic ghost story. A tale of bitterness, loss, and regret.

How far would you go to escape the consequences of your actions?

About the book

Imagine being haunted by a ghost. In life, he was your best friend. Now he wants you dead.

Who would you turn to for help? How far would you go to escape? How much would you be willing to sacrifice?

This is the gripping story of a flawed man who finds himself in a deep well of misery, haunted by his past, desperate for a way out. Will he be able to save himself? Or will the price prove to be too high?

“Only the Living Feel Remorse” is a suspenseful yet fast-paced horror novella. It tells the story of a friendship gone bad, a vengeful ghost and neo-pagan blood rituals which end up costing you much more than you bargained for. A horror story about guilt and grief, and coming face to face with the haunting reality of your mistakes.

Praise from Readers

  • “It's so much more than just a ghost story, it's about guilt, grief, (unhealthy) coping mechanisms and coming face to face with your mistakes.”
  • “A haunting story of making wrong choices, grief and remorse.”
  • “...vividly paints a masterful picture artfully summoning a visceral reaction through his palpable prose...”
  • “After finishing this book, I quietly closed the cover, leaned back in my chair, and whispered, "holy hell, what a ride."”
  • “a fast paced read that had me hooked from the beginning.”
  • “It’s definitely not easy to strike a balance between writing an unlikeable character and giving the audience something about that individual that makes us want to get to know them better, so I tip my cap to Mr. Deza for pulling it off so nicely.”
  • “This is grief horror at its best and a ghost story unlike any other that I've ever read.”

Quotes taken from Goodreads

About the author

Ash Deza is a general-purpose geek living in the Netherlands, who splits his time between writing software and prose.

When he isn't exploring the dark recesses of his own mind by writing fiction, he is out exploring the world by bicycle or locked into his study building scale models of spaceships.

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