Short Fiction

Free to read short stories

I enjoy writing short fiction a lot, and I've published my stories in several places.

I started out by just putting them on my blog, and later also put some of them up on Archive Of Our Own (AO3)
Most recently I published a story at Girl on the Net's blog.

This is a selection of the stuff I have online right now, and where you can read it. Enjoy!

  • Close Your Eyes

    Dystopian Sci-Fi about implants.

    Reading time: 7 minutes - 1,349 words.

    Published at:
  • Cold Stone

    Erotica with horror elements.

    Reading time: 7 minutes - 1,451 words.

    Published at:
  • Clippy

    Dystopian Sci-Fi about an AI going wrong.

    Reading time: 6 minutes - 1,135 words.

    Published at:
  • Elmo the Ghost Cat

    A brave little cat ghost must keep his mom safe

    Reading time: 11 minutes - 2,272 words.

    Published at:
  • The Spider Queen's Husband

    Dark fantasy story about a man being enthralled by a supernatural spider.

    Reading time: 28 minutes - 5,656 words.

    Published at:
  • Pounded Against A Tree

    Very dark horror erotica about a date gong wrong.

    Reading time: 10 minutes - 1,934 words.

    Published at:
  • The Animal Scent

    Erotica with a primal touch

    Reading time: 6 minutes - 1,132 words.

    Published at:
  • The Protector in the Tree

    Dark fantasy about a village choosing its protector every 10 years.

    Reading time: 4 minutes - 821 words.

    Published at:
  • The Murder Machine

    Sci-Fi horror about the dangers of teleportation

    Reading time: 6 minutes - 1,122 words.

    Published at:
  • Pumped Up Kicks

    Short horror story about an active shooter

    Reading time: 4 minutes - 728 words.

    Published at:
  • The Chair

    Humourous erotica about a blind date which takes an unexpected turn.

    Reading time: 15 minutes - 2,943 words.

    Published at: